read: quashing the self-improvement urge

i think you should probably read this (quashing the self-improvement urge).  i am pretty obsessed with this particular zen habits post because it tells me i’m already perfect and probably shouldn’t be stressed about not being able t fit everything into one day/week/month/year/lifetime… you get the idea.

a small excerpt so you know what to expect when you click on the link…  😉

It’s everywhere. Where does this urge come from? It’s embedded in our culture — in the U.S. from Benjamin Franklin to the early entrepreneurial titans, everyone is trying to better themselves. It goes deeper, to ancient Western ideals of the perfect well-rounded person. But it flourished in the 20th century, from Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill to Stephen Covey. And now it’s in full bloom, with blogs. And yes, I’m part of this movement.

– Leo Babauta


2 Comments to “read: quashing the self-improvement urge”

  1. Meh. You’ll get there. And I bet your first workout back will be BALLER!!

  2. i agree with the self-improvement thing. it is overrated. society has always been telling us that there is something wrong with us even when there is not and then try to sell us something that will fix what is wrong with us. i can go on about this topic for days so i’ll stop myself here. but you should still go to the gym though.

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