travel & eat: santa barbara

i ate a lot (and well!) in california (have i mentioned i went there this last weekend?!).

my favorite spots :

– los toros in the LA area with nikki and bob (tim’s sister and brother-in-law).  i can’t get the bean dip out of my head.

– barney’s beanery in west hollywood with chris and geoff.  i was so happy to see chris and then i failed to take pics with him.  major fail, since i haven’t seen him in 3 years before this weekend!  that just means we have to get together again soon, chris.

– aldos in santa barbara (along state st).  you can never go wrong with italian food and eating outdoors in january!

– biltmore brunch in santa barbara.  out of this world.  words can’t even describe.

– the harbor restaurant in santa barbara.  we saw seals playing at dinner!

we also did wine tasting at a vineyard (firestone).

what could be better than seeing good friends and family (none of who i took pics of… i suck) and eating delicious food and spending quality time with tim and walking in the sunshine and seeing the ocean and seals and just relaxing for a whole weekend 5 days?  nothing.  absolutely nothing could be better.


2 Comments to “travel & eat: santa barbara”

  1. i like your pics of food. i need to start getting into this brunch thing.

  2. I miss photo op moments all the time when I am catching up with family and friends! Sounds like you had an amazing time though and that’s what’s most important 🙂

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