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February 29, 2012

eat: clams & mussels

today, as i was eating a dinner consisting of chips and frozen pizza, i was reminded of how much i miss ‘roommate dinners with mike.’  after a long (or not-so-long) day of work, nothing makes me happier than a restaurant-worthy dinner.  sadly, tim and i lack in the motivation department when it comes to weekday cooking, but eating well, especially on a weekday, fills my heart with happiness.

on that note – only 2 more days until the weekend!

February 28, 2012

6 miles!


as you can see from the title, i am pretty excited that i actually ran today!  it’s the little things in life, right?

i ran with 2 girlfriends and the night was filled with gossip and catching up and a bit of sweat.  and then, like all good runs, we ended it with dinner (at nookies).

nevermind the fact that i’ve run all of 10 miles since october… i ran 6 miles tonight, woot!

i definitely wasn’t in shape or injury free, though – something is definitely wrong with my foot (and i’ll get it checked out, again, at some point) but the important thing is it was a nice night, and i spent it running with friends, and nothing makes me happier.

February 23, 2012

all (or at least mostly) moved in

it’s hard to  be productive with my life when there are so many changes happening all at once.

this makes me fairly restless.  however, our apartment is no longer filled with boxes!  ok, there are some boxes here and there, but  it looks like we’ve definitely moved in.

it’s hard to  be productive with my life when there are so many changes happening all at once.

this makes me fairly restless.  however, our apartment is no longer filled with boxes!  ok, there are some boxes here and there, but  it looks like we’ve definitely moved in.

and i’m loving our new location in lakeview.  even though my commute is now 45 minutes long.  actually, the commute is a bit of a blessing because now i have some time to read!  yesterday i finished an entire book at the gym/on  my commute.  happiness.

February 21, 2012

do: hire movers

as if the whole getting engaged thing didn’t keep me busy enough, tim and i moved on saturday, goodbye great view!

other than my advice-of-the-day: always hire movers.  we hired a moving company and life has never been better.  well, i shouldn’t say that, but i wasn’t exhausted and i wasn’t stressing out (too much) and we were moved out of our old place and in to our new place in 5.25 hours.

we even had enough time to get to bed bath and beyond for some last-minute items (oh you know, like $600 worth.  gulp.)

in summary – i love our new place.

February 16, 2012

go: moto

tim and i celebrated valentine’s day and our engagement by going to moto.  it was quite the molecular gastronomy experience!  15 courses plus wine pairings.  i was completely loopy by the end of it.

bonus: we met richie from top chef!


February 12, 2012


tim and i got engaged yesterday!

tim and i are both very excited and spent the whole day with family and calling people on the phone.

the not-so short story:

tim and i were supposed to go over to our new apartment (we’re moving next weekend!) at 10am on saturday to meet delivery people for our new mattress/bedroom set.  tim faked a phone call from the furniture people to say they’d be early and we needed to get there at 9:30.  so, we went to the apartment at 9:30am.

tim opened the door and on the wall were 50+ pics of us, in a line, that was basically a timeline of our relationship.

first picture of the timeline... we met on okcupid.

he had a whole narrative about our relationship… so cute.

at the end, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.  i actually don’t remember this.  i totally emotionally-blacked-out once he got on one knee.

i had tears in my eyes, he had tears in his eyes.

i said “can i wear the ring?!” (in retrospect, i should have said ‘yes’  oops)

i looked over and he had put rose petals on the ground, and a table set up with a camera (he borrowed our current roommates), an empty frame (for us to put an engagement pic at a later date) champagne, glasses, and a dozen red roses.

nothing says 'proposal' like 10am champagne! (and red roses)


i then proceeded to freak out.

the furniture men came in the midst of me calling family/friends.  i’m sure they still think i’m nuts.

my cousins got on facebook immediately after they found out to say ‘congrats’ so i had to start texting friends instead of calling them so good friends wouldn’t find out via the internet!  sorry friends, better texted than not informed at all!

my mom came shortly after.  we re-enacted the proposal for her and then went out to brunch.

re-enactment! i have no idea what i did with my hands when tim actually proposed.

i’m still in shock.

i can honestly say i’ve never been happier (or more in love) in my entire life.  ::cue sappy music::

February 6, 2012

bits of motivation

i should probably print this out and post it everywhere.

highlighting the ‘worry less‘ part.  🙂

February 3, 2012

eat: vosges chocolate

my recent discovery of the most-amazing-chocolate-in-the-world is going to cost me an extra $10 every time i go to hannah’s bretzel  for lunch – so that’s not great news… but this chocolate is amazing.  i just wish it cost $2, like i originally thought it would before i saw the amount that rang up at the cash register.

tibetan goji berries totally justifies the price tag, right?! and himalayan salt?!

expensive habits, people… i’m developing some expensive habits.

if i keep going at this rate, my lunches will cost me $100 a week.  hannah’s bretzel – with your addictive and awesome and expensive chocolate bars – i will have to save you for special occasions!  or somehow find some self-restraint when it comes to the chocolate section.

February 1, 2012

go: native foods

last night i met up with a great friend and we ate at native foods, which is a vegan resaturant.  you should probably eat there if you haven’t already.  i think it’s in quite a few cities and there are a few locations in chicago.  it reminded me of noodles and co. where you order your meal at the register, you sit down, and then they bring everything out to you.  plus, a waitress/waiter will refill your drinks – even though it’s a fast food restaurant!  ah, happiness.