go: native foods

last night i met up with a great friend and we ate at native foods, which is a vegan resaturant.  you should probably eat there if you haven’t already.  i think it’s in quite a few cities and there are a few locations in chicago.  it reminded me of noodles and co. where you order your meal at the register, you sit down, and then they bring everything out to you.  plus, a waitress/waiter will refill your drinks – even though it’s a fast food restaurant!  ah, happiness.


3 Comments to “go: native foods”

  1. Just connected to your site via Dashboard and what a great title for a post!

    I’d have no problem having cupcakes and mac & cheese as food groups. Where is the petition?

    If you feel inclined check out my gluttonous site that consumes sports, food, etc.

  2. i wish there was a cupcake truck outside my work. i want a cupcake. the only thing i could get my hands on yesterday was a panera bread cookie. which was actually quite good.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Cupcakes, friends, and a short workout – sounds pretty awesome to me!

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