eat: vosges chocolate

my recent discovery of the most-amazing-chocolate-in-the-world is going to cost me an extra $10 every time i go to hannah’s bretzel  for lunch – so that’s not great news… but this chocolate is amazing.  i just wish it cost $2, like i originally thought it would before i saw the amount that rang up at the cash register.

tibetan goji berries totally justifies the price tag, right?! and himalayan salt?!

expensive habits, people… i’m developing some expensive habits.

if i keep going at this rate, my lunches will cost me $100 a week.  hannah’s bretzel – with your addictive and awesome and expensive chocolate bars – i will have to save you for special occasions!  or somehow find some self-restraint when it comes to the chocolate section.


2 Comments to “eat: vosges chocolate”

  1. hahahahaha. this is a funny story.

  2. Sooo I came over looking from some engagement details and found this instead 😀 I LOVE Vosges bar and usually get one or two for Christmas… and then eat them slooooowly over the next month, haha!! Check out their about us on their web page, it is intense — … “experiential realm of storytelling through the medium of chocolate”, what?!

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