6 miles!


as you can see from the title, i am pretty excited that i actually ran today!  it’s the little things in life, right?

i ran with 2 girlfriends and the night was filled with gossip and catching up and a bit of sweat.  and then, like all good runs, we ended it with dinner (at nookies).

nevermind the fact that i’ve run all of 10 miles since october… i ran 6 miles tonight, woot!

i definitely wasn’t in shape or injury free, though – something is definitely wrong with my foot (and i’ll get it checked out, again, at some point) but the important thing is it was a nice night, and i spent it running with friends, and nothing makes me happier.


One Comment to “6 miles!”

  1. This quote kept me from killing myself trying to run faster than I was able to. Score!

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