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March 31, 2012

watch: this drunk guy singing in the back of a police car

i feel an obligation to share this little nugget of happiness with you!  (just in case you somehow missed seeing this until now!)

i especially love the very beginning and the very end.

enjoy  🙂

March 30, 2012

travel: eating sushi in aspen

brittany made reservations to matsuhisa for our last night in aspen.  you have to get them early, but the dinner at this place was soooo worth it.

words cannot describe the awesomeness of the meal.  i highly, highly, highly recommend you try this place if you’re lucky (blessed!) enough to spend some time in aspen.

actually, i think you should probably make it a high priority to go to aspen sometime soon!  the people are friendly, the food is delicious, the skiing is great, there weren’t crowds anywhere, and it was super easy to shuttle around and get to the different mountains for skiing.

i can’t wait to go back.

March 29, 2012

travel: skiing in aspen


aside from eating, we also did some skiing in aspen! (meaning, we skied for 3 days at snowmass and had an absolute blast)  it was 65 degrees in colorado so it was really warm and beautiful weather to ski in!  i got sunburned the first day, so i kept my neck-warmer on to prevent further wind & sunburn during the remainder of the trip.

i absolutely loved aspen and would definitely go back if given the chance.

March 28, 2012

travel: eating in aspen

while we were in aspen we skied at snowmass but stayed in ‘downtown’ aspen.  it was awesome.  we stayed at the gant hotel and they shuttled us everywhere we needed to go.  the first night we got there, we decided to go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients to cook shrimp tacos.  delicious.

this also provided the leftovers for a few breakfasts.  brit & whit are so good at this sort of thing, me and tim never pull off the ‘leftovers’ thing very well.

dinner leftovers to be used to make a different meal for breakfast the next morning….!  money saving tip? i think so!

when we weren’t cooking we ate at some pretty-amazing restaurants:

March 26, 2012

travel: engagement cake in aspen!

this past weekend we went to aspen, colorado (hence the lack of posts!) with some best friends and spent thursday, friday, and saturday skiing and wednesday & sunday traveling back and forth from colorado.

as soon as we got to our hotel, brit and whit showed us this cake they had made for us.  it was sooooo awesome and special!  not to mention, delicious.  if my wedding cake looks and tastes like this, i will be one happy lady.  they also had some champagne  🙂

now, any excuse to eat cake is great in my book – so if being engaged = more cake… then i’m starting to like this ‘fiance’ thing more and more!

wonderful start to an even more wonderful weekend.

March 22, 2012

st. patrick’s day


we spent our st. patrick’s day hosting friends at our new place for our housewarming/engagement party.  even though ozzie (the new dog!) was quite the distraction, it was still a wonderful night of catching up with great friends!   i always regret not taking more large-group photos after these types of nights!  oh well, there’s always next time  🙂


March 19, 2012

weekend o’ happiness


i had quite the amazing weekend!

notable achievements:

  • found (and bought!) my wedding dress
  • went to brunch (at yolk) with my mom, tim’s mom, tim’s sister after dress-shopping
  • had friends over for st patty’s/engagement/house-warming
  • officially adopted our little ozzie!  (3.5 year old puggle that i’m now obsessed with)
  • finished the 2nd book of hunger games

my heart is so filled with joy i can barely function.

March 16, 2012

update: refund from your gym

… as an update to my previous post about ‘how to get a refund from your gym’...

it turns out, when you ask for a refund, instead of simply crediting your credit card (because that makes way too much sense) they send you a check to your ‘home’ address.  you know, the home you don’t really live at because you lied to them in order to get your damn refund in the first place?  well, thank goodness i used the address of a friend!  now, once chris receives my check (way up in albany, ny!) he has to send it to me in chicago, il.

a lot of trouble?  yes!  worth $500?  hell-to-the-yeah.

i feel like me and my gym are in quite the battle, and i refuse to go down without a fight!

March 15, 2012


tim and i had the privilege of puppy-sitting a little guy named ozzie a few nights ago, and we’re going to be watching him again over the coming weekend.  i’m counting down the hours  🙂  our apartment seems so quiet without him!  mr. ozzie is a 3.5 year old puggle.

i’m so excited to spend more time with my new furry friend.

March 13, 2012

read: hunger games

i realize i’m late to the party on this one, but i just read hunger games and cannot wait to read the next two books in the series!  i literally sat on the couch on sunday afternoon (even though it was gorgeous out) and didn’t move for over five hours, until the entire book was finished.  well,  i guess i did get up to get some cheese and crackers – but you get the idea.

the best part of this whole thing i that my 11 year old brother has also read these books and we got to chat about them a bit last night.  oh, happiness.