google play



the other day, a coworker introduced me to google play, and my world may never be the same.  now, for those of you who know me, you know i’m never the first to jump on any sort of internet/technology trend.

however, i do love to listen to music online.

and google play is offering $0.25 albums for you to download to your computer.  actually, you buy the album and it goes to your google account, and from there you can either download the songs or just listen to your playlist from your phone/computer/wherever you want, since you can get to google from any device that gets the internet.

you can also take songs that are already in your itunes and upload them to your google account.

this means if i have an awesome playlist, but we’re using tim’s phone in the car or his computer at home, i can still listen to my music.

i think this is pretty awesome.


and yesterday i found ‘fight club’ (the novel) for $0.25, so of course i had to have it.  nevermind the fact that i don’t even like ebooks, i mean, 25 cents is 25 cents, and i have a thing for chuck palahniuk.


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