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April 30, 2012

wedding shoes

i have dancing shoes for my upcoming nuptials (thanks to one of my best friends/bridesmaids).

they’re white and sparkly.

how super exciting is that?

April 27, 2012

go: fish bar

we went to fish bar for a friday night date.  we hadn’t been there for a year and i’m not quite sure why since it’s FANTASTIC.  plus, they give you drinks in jar glasses.  who could resist that?  not this girl.

thankfully, this place is really near our apartment and i will be going there more consistently in the next two years.

(and i will be ordering the wet rock shrimp each and every time).

April 26, 2012

don’t stop, don’t give up!

my coworker shared this little gem with me.


April 25, 2012

eat: southern mac & cheese

for lunch i had truffle white cheddar mac & cheese from here.  it’s a restaurant/food truck.  i’m pretty obsessed with food trucks, mainly because a lot of them have cupcakes.

i really really really really like truffle, so this mac & cheese find was beyond normal levels of amazing.

plus, it’s raining – what could be better to eat when it’s raining than the ultimate comfort food?!

today is a great (cheesy) day.

April 22, 2012

go: wrigley field

today was definitely not the ideal day to be at wrigley field.  it was cold, windy, and the cubs sort-of-suck this year.

however, we had family in town from cincy, and the cubs were playing the reds, so to wrigley field we went!

there are definitely worse ways to spend a sunday afternoon  🙂


April 21, 2012


in honor of my future sister’s baby shower this weekend (which i cannot be at because it’s in cali…. boooo) i thought a little video featuring some pretty awesome seahorses would be appropriate.

life is pretty amazing / miraculous, right?!

April 19, 2012

wedding conversation

brian: can i ask you a serious question about your wedding?

me: sure

brian: so i’m really thinking about growing my hair out so i can dye it purple and shave it into a mohawk.  is that ok?  it will match the wedding colors.

me: sure…. sounds great.

brian: ok and also, do you want me to buy a new nose ring so it can match my mohawk? i was going to buy a nice purple one.

me: ummm…. whatever you want to do, brian.

brian: well it’s your wedding so it’s up to you.

me:  maybe you can hide it during the ceremony and wear it during the photos and reception….?

brian: ok perfect. that’s awesome.

me: maybe you should check with mom, just in case she has other opinions about how the wedding pictures should look.

(what i’m thinking: do all brides get these types of questions by the groomsmen?!  i hope my mom strongly recommends there be no mohawks and nose rings at my wedding…)

April 18, 2012

best friends

this week i was lucky enough to spend some quality time with ms katie!  she was in town from new hampshire and was nice enough to go out to lunch with me.  so, not only did i get a much-needed work break, but i also got some girly gossip time in with one of my best friends!

the good thing about having most of my best friends living out-of-state is really appreciating them when they come to chi-town.

April 16, 2012

bulls game

tim and i went to our first bulls game.  they lost. (and d-rose didn’t play!)

this broke our streak of chicago teams winning when we go to their games.


the game was still fun, though!  and the best part was that we got to spend time with tim’s dad and our old roommate (mike)!  i feel like over the last few weeks i’ve spent a lot of time with great friends who i don’t get to see very often.

i’m blessed, indeed!

April 15, 2012

weekend recap


highlights of my (very busy and amazing) weekend include…

  • watching the blackhawks in the playoffs
  • getting a massage
  • being productive at work
  • going to the spa with brittany to get a facial
  • …then eating brunch at nookies
  • …then shopping
  • spending time catching up with one of my best friends who is in town from new hampshire
  • going to our first pre-marital class at church
  • walking ozzie in the rain
  • finishing my taxes
  • relaxing  🙂

wow, i need a nap just looking back on my list!  i hope everyone had a wonderful few days and is ready for the week.