april: a month of no planning

confession: i have a tendency to over-plan everything.  this tends to add a lot of (sometimes unnecessary) stress to my life.  however, this month i’m going to do something different:

i’m not going to put effort into planning anything and instead, i’ll let the plans just come to me.

a lot of the time, i make plans months ahead of time, and then end up going out of town on a weekend when everyone in the world wants to do something fun in town!  this is always a bummer.

over-planning is especially problematic because i tend to get really anxious when i don’t have plans, mostly because there’s a part of my brain that is fully convinced that all plans have to be made ahead of time.

yes i’m type a and a control freak, it’s nice meeting you  🙂

anyway, not planning in april (and the end of march) has been working quite nicely for me!  i’ve seen some great friends, drank some beer, made some dinner and went to some restaurants, and spent some quality time at home.

wish me luck continuing this…

life is good.

can i make a confession in a confession?  one bit of planning i DID allow myself to do was book our plane tickets to jamaica in november.  woot!


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