conversations with tim

every once in a while i tell a coworker a story or just simply remember a conversation that makes me smile.  usually it didn’t make me smile at the time, but in retrospect – cracks me the (fuck) up.  i think i should start sharing these.

tim: family feud tryouts are coming to chicago!  it’d be awesome to try out!

lisa: no, we have way too much going on right now (goes on to remind tim of wedding, dog-to-be, engagement, car buying, moving, vacations, random obligations…) and we don’t have time for game show tryouts.

tim: …silence…

four hours later

tim: i signed up for family feud!  the thing is – you can’t be on it with us, because you aren’t family yet.  fiances don’t count.

lisa: …silence… (not happy that tim signed up for a game show without discussing it with me further)

tim: but then i thought, we could just go to the courthouse this week and get married legally, and then you can tryout with my family!

lisa: we are not getting married just so i can tryout for family feud with you!  that’s ridiculous!  especially since our wedding isn’t until november!

tim: oh. so that’s a no?


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