alpha dog

doesn’t he look innocent? (looks can be deceiving)

well i’m pretty sure i’ve lost control of my household.  this is evidenced by the fact that 5 minutes ago my dog was running around my apartment (soaking wet) while i chased him with a towel yelling, ‘bah!’  it took me quite a while to catch him, but eventually i did it! me and  my apartment are now covered in water that smells like wet dog…

yes, i’m quite sure he does this for his own amusement.  oh, bath time.

in other news – dog training is not going exactly as i anticipated.

the other day: tim was holding ozzie’s leash, ozzie was lunging & barking at 2 dogs across the street, tim then began barking at ozzie as a form of some sort of doggie-psychology, the owner of the two other dogs (who were peacefully walking along like normal, well-adjusted creatures) was laughing at us (and was not even pretending she wasn’t), i was trying to spray ozzie with water – because that’s what you do to get his attention when all else fails, ozzie was ignoring me but tim was yelling to me ‘spray him! spray him!’ but i couldn’t because the spray bottle wasn’t working… it was chaos.

at the end of it all, ozzie lost interest in the other dogs and went along on his walk while tim and i argued over the finer points of dog-training (‘do you really need to bark in public?!’). i’m pretty sure ozzie judged us as completely incompetent owners and is more convinced than ever that he’s alpha-dog and ruler-of-the-household.



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