wedding conversation

brian: can i ask you a serious question about your wedding?

me: sure

brian: so i’m really thinking about growing my hair out so i can dye it purple and shave it into a mohawk.  is that ok?  it will match the wedding colors.

me: sure…. sounds great.

brian: ok and also, do you want me to buy a new nose ring so it can match my mohawk? i was going to buy a nice purple one.

me: ummm…. whatever you want to do, brian.

brian: well it’s your wedding so it’s up to you.

me:  maybe you can hide it during the ceremony and wear it during the photos and reception….?

brian: ok perfect. that’s awesome.

me: maybe you should check with mom, just in case she has other opinions about how the wedding pictures should look.

(what i’m thinking: do all brides get these types of questions by the groomsmen?!  i hope my mom strongly recommends there be no mohawks and nose rings at my wedding…)


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