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May 31, 2012

look: view from my office

today was not the best day for weather in chicago.  actually, it may have been the worst in quite some time.  rainy, 48 degrees, disgusting.

i spent my morning in a training class on how to work windows 7 and upgraded microsoft products.  yawn.

on the bright side, i could see my old apartment building from the window!

chicago is a very, very beautiful city.

May 30, 2012

extended lunch break

a rare sight indeed, the bridge over michigan avenue was raised today to allow some boats to go under it.  i had never seen this before!

this ‘disruption’ extended my lunch break by 30 minutes or so since i couldn’t walk back to the office  🙂


May 27, 2012

1st fest of the season

the heat didn’t keep us away from the belmont-sheffield music fest this weekend.  woot!

it was hot and steamy, but the music was great and, as an added bonus, i had my first bud light lime of the summer.  there aren’t many things i enjoy more than drinking bud light lime outdoors.

cheers to the beginning of an amazing summer!

May 26, 2012

why hello there, sunshine

90 degrees in may?!

yes please.

i’m so thankful that i have a deck that i can lay out on and get some sun (and vitamin d as a bonus!)  little ozzie loves being outside with us, but he kept trying to find shade.  at the moment of this pic – he thought being under my legs would be a little cooler than laying directly in the sun.

tanning isn’t as peaceful as it was when i was dog-less!

(ignore the mis-matched bikini and my general disheveled appearance, i couldn’t find a matching set.  this is what happens when i don’t go out in public)

May 25, 2012

new (camera) toy

i got a new toy… a new lens for my camera!  as you can see, it’s an EFS 15-85MM (canon).  i can’t wait to take some pictures this summer!

May 23, 2012

late-night workouts

we’ve gotten in the really bad habit of not working out in the mornings.  this means that our workouts sometimes occur at midnight.

there’s nothing like p90x until approximately 1am to make you wish you had woken up at 7am to get it over with!

but, at least we’re still on schedule!  🙂

(and getting more and more buff….)

May 20, 2012

biking = freedom

continued amazing weather in chicago means biking season has begun!  yes, some people have been riding around the city for quite some time now, but i’m not that brave when it comes to being even the slightest bit cold.

this is a pic from years ago of one of my best friends, katie.  don’t bikers in chicago look so happy?

anyway, this weekend was perfect for riding around the city.  i biked to the beach on friday, to a friend’s bbq on saturday, and then to the beach again on sunday.

nothing makes me feel more free than riding my bike around.  you can get anywhere in the city!

May 18, 2012

day in the park

i didn’t work very hard today.  you see, NATO was in chicago so my office was shut down (but we were expected to work from home).  i love work from home days.

it brought me back to what life was like as a consultant!

tim and i took the opportunity to walk ozzie to the dog park and let him play around there for a bit.

then i went tanning with friends at the beach.

life is grand (especially when the weather is beyond-gorgeous in chicago in MAY!)

May 17, 2012

6 month countdown

6 months and i get to marry this man.

May 14, 2012



i was greeted to protesters in the prudential plaza this morning.   welcome, NATO!

i love protesters, it means change & progress are coming!  part of me wanted to hold a sign instead of continuing up the elevator to my cubicle.  let’s see what the rest of the week brings to chi-town…