see: dog in a raincoat

is there anything cuter than my little dog in a raincoat?!

no?  exactly.

tim has been out of town this week so me and my little ‘man’ had a lot of quality time together.  we spent most of it cuddling… when he wasn’t barking at every single thing that moved on the street.

i’ve definitely turned into one of those people who is obsessed with their pet, and i think i’m ok with it.

more love is so much better than less love.


One Comment to “see: dog in a raincoat”

  1. im obsessed too, its a sad fact. But i think youve missed a trick here. There is only one thing cuter than your lil dog in a raincoat… your little dog in a raincoat and an itsy-bitsy top hat! 😛

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