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July 31, 2012

stolen bike. sigh.

i feel like i’m officially  a city-dweller now… my bike was stolen! it only took 2 years.

no it wasn’t locked up, but it was in a private/secure garage so isn’t that good enough?


on the bright side.. now i get a new bike!

on the not-so-bright side… now i’m out a $700 bike and accessories and i have to physically go to buy a bike and spend more money and i really don’t want to, damnit!

phew, i’m glad i got that out of my system!

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July 29, 2012

strawberries & brown sugar

have you ever had  strawberries dipped in brown sugar?

no?  what are you waiting for?!

it’s the best snack, ever.  well, besides cookies and cupcakes.  fruit will never beat chocolate.  unless the fruit is DIPPED in chocolate.  but, i digress.

these strawberries were a perfect olympic-watching treat 🙂

*as a sidenote – if you think all i’ve been doing ALL weekend is watching the olympics, you’d be right.  i LOVE the summer olympics*


July 28, 2012

reason to celebrate


my mom turned the big 55 last weekend.  (but don’t tell her i told you that!)

i failed in getting a whole-family pic, but at least i have one of some of us…

it was a great day  🙂


July 26, 2012

i’ll never be a ‘mrs.’

i decided ages and ages ago that i was probably never going to be a mrs.  actually, i think that should be my blog’s name, but i was told it comes off as sexual.  oh well.

i don’t know exactly why the very thought of being mrs. b makes me want to cringe, but it just does.

i’ve had quite a few conversations about this with other women in my life, and they’ve told me that some brides-to-be get really excited about changing their name and getting the ‘mrs.’ title and getting checks written to ‘mr. and mrs.’ and letters addressed the same way… etc.  i think that’s awesome –  sometimes i wish i would get that same sort of excitement about changing myself to have one more thing in common with my soon-to-be-husband…

but i guess i just don’t get it.

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July 25, 2012

gaining perspective

love good articles. well, i consider them to be good.  basically, i really enjoy any article that makes me view the world or my life just a tiny bit differently.  sometimes i share these in small doses, but i thought today i’d share a few.  there are so many good things out there to read, people!

here are some articles i especially like today:

‘married happily, with issues‘ – it’s not always perfect, but it’s all about commitment.  this is a long and fantastic article.

beyond 7 billion‘ on the world’s population and what that means to each of us.

unprotected‘ – a humorous piece from the new yorker (thanks for sharing, laura!)

is america crazy? 10 reasons it might be‘ ah, america.

… that’s all for today, folks!  happy reading  🙂


July 24, 2012

movie in the park

i’ve been a runner for over 10 years, and i had never seen chariots of fire until last night.  can you believe it?

love movies in the park.  they are my absolute favorite thing about the summer in chicago.  well, along with all of the rest of my absolute-favorite-things.

last night we went to grant park with brit & whit and drank some wine and watched the movie.

i must say, i had no idea what this movie was about.  i really didn’t even start to understand the plot until the very end.

i thought it might be just me, but nope, our little group agreed – the movie was hard to follow.

next time we’re sticking to comedies  🙂

still, it was a really fun night with friends and the outdoors and a great view of the city!  i’m already excited for the next one.



July 23, 2012

salted caramel cupcake

today two of my favorite things came together.

food trucks & cupcakes.

now, obviously this is not the first time that i’ve found a food truck that sells delicious cupcakes… because it happens every week or so.  but THIS cupcake was A+ amazing.

and it’s my new favorite cupcake.

which may be (at least partly) because it’s the last one i ate.

anyway, thank you cupcakes for courage for making such a delicious treat.  i will see you the next time you’re in front of my building… (thursday)!


July 22, 2012

brunch at hot chocolate

today we went to brunch with…

  • someone who doesn’t eat meat (only fish)
  • two vegans
  • a person who doesn’t eat gluten
  • two ‘normal’ eaters

needless to say, it was quite the ordeal.

i feel like this could only happen in the city.

it was still fun times had by all (or maybe just me?  idk!).  we went to hot chocolate in bucktown and i got my new-favorite-thing-EVER… hot chocolate on ice.  they even gave it to me to go so i wouldn’t have to take up precious stomach room during brunch.

it turns out, if you get to hot chocolate around 11am, there really isn’t a wait.  major win.

July 20, 2012

sometimes i get underwear in the mail


one of the very best things about being engaged is being able to celebrate over and over again in lots of different ways and with different people!

like sometimes we get random and unexpected cards and gifts…

one of these unexpected gifts included underwear from one of my aunts.


i guess being engaged makes gifts like this totally ok and appropriate on a random weekday?!  🙂


July 19, 2012

date night at feast


date night was at feast this week.  i feel like i’ve been missing out by not going to damen avenue enough (in life).

great restaurants, great stores… what more can a person want?!  bucktown, you’ve impressed me.

anyway, i got the squash ravioli and it was delicious, of course.  we ate outside and life was good.

it didn’t even rain until after we got home!  complete date success.