the high bun & other weekend activities

this weekend was filled with wonderfulness in the following forms:

  • a bottle of prosecco while watching moneyball with my main man (tim, not ozzie)
  • catching up with some of my best friends via the phone… long distance friendships… sigh!
  •  watching tim & brandon play hockey.  me and erin were excellent supporters.
  • late dinner at rocks (my fav go-to place near our apartment).  they have tater-tots, people!
  • church
  • ‘rock around the block’ street fest with friends… accompanied with bike riding and lunch
  • running!  i haven’t run in so long, my body completely has forgotten how to do it for longer than 3 miles.  cardio fail but endorphin win!
  • some p90x

i hope everyone had a most-fabulous weekend  🙂


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