ok, i’ll just recap the entire weekend…

it’s like whoever created this breakfast item knows me super, super well.  dark chocolate stuffed french toast?  i didn’t even bother looking at the rest of the menu.

tim and i went to kingsbury street cafe on sunday to round-up our crazy-productive weekend.

in summary…

  • we hung out with friends and had a food experience where sour foods turned super sweet and delicious
  • i chatted with my best friend on the phone for hours
  • i ran a few miles
  • i went to a great friend’s bachelorette party which involved a food tour and dinner and bars
  • tim & i ate delicious brunch
  • a quick jcrew visit resulted in us picking out our groomsmen pants for our wedding (yay!)
  • my mom came over to help me redecorate our family room (resale shops and crate & barrel saved the day!)
  • we drank margaritas and ate delicious homemade veggie enchiladas with friends.
  • we rode the motorcycle along lakeshore drive for the first time  🙂



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