stolen bike. sigh.

i feel like i’m officially  a city-dweller now… my bike was stolen! it only took 2 years.

no it wasn’t locked up, but it was in a private/secure garage so isn’t that good enough?


on the bright side.. now i get a new bike!

on the not-so-bright side… now i’m out a $700 bike and accessories and i have to physically go to buy a bike and spend more money and i really don’t want to, damnit!

phew, i’m glad i got that out of my system!

with so many blessings in my life, it’s hard to get upset over a mere material possession.  the thing is, i’m more aggravated that someone came into our garage and took something that belongs to me and that i worked to obtain.  it’s not like this bike just fell from the sky and i was lucky enough to grab it!  nope, i had to work a certain amount of hours to buy this bike, and now i have to work additional hours to be able to get another one.

the bigger annoyance is that when someone steals something from me, it takes away a bit of my freedom.

now i know i have to lock my bike up in my garage, even though the garage itself is locked.

plus, i’m faced with the reality (again!) that people aren’t all good and i have to take extra measures to protect what’s mine and even THEN nothing is safe.  when women/men get attacked, when stuff gets stolen, when people cause others harm in general – it makes the affected person, and those around that person, really think and worry and spend time being defensive.  who wants to spend energy on that?!

it sucks, it really does.

it would be nice (as a society) to be able to leave our doors unlocked, leave our stuff outside, and to walk around at night without being worried about who might approach us or try to steal purses/bags right off of our shoulders.

but alas, those freedoms are pretty much gone – as was proved to me (yet again) last night.

happier thoughts: maybe my next bike will be bright pink….


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