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August 31, 2012

bic for her

i hope you’ve already seen this, but if not…

read the comments of this amazon product.

… it even got a forbes mention.

August 30, 2012


right now… go.

August 29, 2012

travel: 36 hours in yosemite

our only full day in yosemite was quite the blur.  actually, it was such a blur and we had so much fun, we decided to stay an extra half-day!

if you only have 36 hours (or so) in yosemite, here are my recommendations:

  • stay in el portal, which is a town right outside of the park.  it’s cheaper and we stayed at a great b&b.
  • hike to a waterfall (or a few!)  we went to vernal falls and it was super crowded but beautiful.  beware, it’s a strenuous hike (lots of stairs).
  • admire the views from tunnel view & glacier point – this is a long drive, but VERY worth it.
  • see the sequoia trees in mariposa grove (this is a half day activity)
  • take TONS of pictures – you could be the next ansel adams!
August 28, 2012

a dose of feminism

those of you who know me know that i love jezebel. well, i saw this comment this morning, and of course it made me insta-happy.  yay for feminist men 🙂

I used to have a line. I’m from Philadelphia, land of Ben Franklin, so I’m full of little lines. “I’m a feminist in the oldest sense of the word, in that I have nothing in particular against women.”
It’s a funny line, but I’ve decided to retire it.
I’m having a soul-searching kind of morning, ladies. I’m realizing that, even though I’m a slightly-to-the-right-of Marx, Jezebel-reading, died in the wool rabble-rousing despiser of the patriarchy that I was born into, I have still underestimated what you all go through on a day-to-day basis. Not completely, mind you. I’ve long known what advantages I’ve had. I do not have to worry about my physical safety on a simple walk home, nor about garnering equal pay. I do not feel the pressure to “look the part” (because frankly I am the part). Men are not divided and conquered by the hiding-in-plain-sight forces of consumer culture as women have been from the start. Men do not have to worry about “reverse sexism” because, like it’s equally specious counterpart “reverse racism”, it doesn’t exist because true power only resides in the other party (though some men all over internet message boards this week are clinging to the idea). I’ve always been ready to admit that I’d never trade places with a woman – it’s simply too hard of a life for me. I’m weak. I’m able to be weak and still thrive, because I’m a man. That’s how the game is set up and I’ve taken advantage of it.
Yet, the past few months and especially the last week has taught me that I underestimated this- my every thought, question, conviction, and concern isn’t automatically subject to being undercut. When you consider how hard women have to fight to develop a certain amount of agency, to be looked at as worthy of being heard, before they can even get started on real work, it’s amazing that any of you are able to go beyond that and make a real difference in our crumbling culture and civilization.
So do me a favor – next time one of you is annoying me and I tell you to shut the fuck up, look me right back in the eyes and say “I have been shutting the fuck up. Now it’s your turn.” I swear to god I’ll listen.

it was in reply to this post.

August 27, 2012

chicago views

i’m blessed to live in the most beautiful city in the world.

(spending time on a sailboat with my church group…  perfect end-of-summer night)


August 26, 2012

dog days of summer

we learned that ozzie can swim!

(such proud doggy parents, we are)


August 25, 2012

travel: 24 hours in san fran

i know i attempted to give a brief recap of our trip the other day, but i want to share a bit more of what we did in our whirlwind tour of california.

starting with san francisco!

if you only have 24 hours in san francisco (we spent wednesday night and thursday day before driving to yosemite on thursday afternoon)…

  • walk around union square, chinatown (eat a late lunch!), and fisherman’s wharf.  take pictures!
  • eat a fabulous cali-style dinner on pier 3 (organic, light, healthy, WONDERFUL)
  • wake up early and take a cable car ride to lombard street
  • walk to a breakfast place (and eat!)
  • rent a bicycle-built-for-two and trek across the golden gate bridge to sausalito. eat ice cream.
  • take a ferry back to san francisco
  • check out of your hotel and head to the next destination!

yes, we managed to do all of this in 24 hours.  it was the BEST DAY EVER.

August 22, 2012

aunt status

isn’t my one-month old niece adorable?

we just met ‘officially’ and it was love-at-first-sight.

i am very sad she lives in LA… but i get to see her in november so life is (still) happy.


August 20, 2012

travel – california adventures

this has been a great trip so far.  we’ve taken so many pictures trying to figure out our new camera, i’m sure i will be detailing the entire trip at later dates.  you’ll probably get tired of hearing about it, but we’ll worry about that later.

to summarize:

day 1:

  • flew into SFO (san francisco)
  • checked into the clift hotel near union square
  • walked through china town (and had a quick lunch!) and little italy to fisherman’s wharf
  • met up with one of my very best friends for an OUTSTANDING dinner at the plant cafe organic.  TO DIE FOR.
  • walked back to our hotel

day 2:

  • trolley ride!
  • lombard street
  • ate clam chowder from the wharf
  • rode a ‘bicycle built for two’ across the golden gate bridge to sausalito (we took the ferry back to san fran)
  • walked back to our hotel and headed out to yosemite
  • checked into the blue butterfly inn (AMAZING b&b in el portal)

day 3:

  • had a terrific homemade breakfast
  • hiked in yosemite… we picked a ‘strenuous’ trail to the top of vernal falls.
  • drove to glacier point to take some pictures (i’m definitely not the next ansel adams!)
  • drove 30 miles away just to fill up gas… oh crazy small towns!

day 4:

  • mariposa grove (in yosemite) to see sequoia trees!  we hiked around and even had a mini-dance party
  • drove to napa (actually, calistoga) and checked into the euro spa & inn
  • ate an out-of-this-world dinner at JoLe in downtown calistoga

day 5:

  • WINE TASTING!  we got up early to have extra time to indulge.  i’ll give more details on this later… but we went to four wineries.  2 before lunch, 2 after lunch!
  • lunch was at redd and was the best food we’ve had in a LONG time.  and there were a ton of amazing restaurants on this vacation alone!  (spoiled rotten, i know)
  • dinner was at the michelin recognized restaurant solbar.  really, thinking about this day of food makes me want to cry tears of joy.

day 6:

  • drove down highway 1 (in a red camaro convertible) alllll day.  calistoga – LA is quite a journey!
  • stopped in carmel for lunch – fantastic spot called dametra.  i cannot say enough great things about this place.  everything was awesome and the server (who may have been the owner?!) was so nice.  plus we got free baklava to go!
  • we saw elephant seals, big sur, and just miles and miles of gorgeous scenery
  • arrived in LA and here we are!

the next two days we’ll be spending with tim at work and me meeting and visiting with my niece.

life is so good.

August 19, 2012

little things