olympics & gender equality

In case you haven’t heard yet because you’re one of those New York City tunnel dwellers or you’re exclusively a Winter Olympics person, the U.S. women’s teams at this summer’s games have cleaned up, accounting for 56 percent of all Team USA’s medals, and 66 percent of its golds. Their success is being touted as a big step towards even greater gender equality in sports, and, what’s more, they’ve succeeded in sports traditionally dominated by men, such as boxing, an event the U.S. men, for the first time ever, failed to medal in.



Four decades after the passage of Title IX, U.S. Olympic officials credit the federal gender-equity law for encouraging girls to play sports in school and broadening the talent base from which national coaches can recruit.


nothing like a little ‘girl power’ to kick-off the week.  although, i still have to see the spice girls’ performance from last night.  i’m expecting nothing short of  a fantastic show.


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