travel – california adventures

this has been a great trip so far.  we’ve taken so many pictures trying to figure out our new camera, i’m sure i will be detailing the entire trip at later dates.  you’ll probably get tired of hearing about it, but we’ll worry about that later.

to summarize:

day 1:

  • flew into SFO (san francisco)
  • checked into the clift hotel near union square
  • walked through china town (and had a quick lunch!) and little italy to fisherman’s wharf
  • met up with one of my very best friends for an OUTSTANDING dinner at the plant cafe organic.  TO DIE FOR.
  • walked back to our hotel

day 2:

  • trolley ride!
  • lombard street
  • ate clam chowder from the wharf
  • rode a ‘bicycle built for two’ across the golden gate bridge to sausalito (we took the ferry back to san fran)
  • walked back to our hotel and headed out to yosemite
  • checked into the blue butterfly inn (AMAZING b&b in el portal)

day 3:

  • had a terrific homemade breakfast
  • hiked in yosemite… we picked a ‘strenuous’ trail to the top of vernal falls.
  • drove to glacier point to take some pictures (i’m definitely not the next ansel adams!)
  • drove 30 miles away just to fill up gas… oh crazy small towns!

day 4:

  • mariposa grove (in yosemite) to see sequoia trees!  we hiked around and even had a mini-dance party
  • drove to napa (actually, calistoga) and checked into the euro spa & inn
  • ate an out-of-this-world dinner at JoLe in downtown calistoga

day 5:

  • WINE TASTING!  we got up early to have extra time to indulge.  i’ll give more details on this later… but we went to four wineries.  2 before lunch, 2 after lunch!
  • lunch was at redd and was the best food we’ve had in a LONG time.  and there were a ton of amazing restaurants on this vacation alone!  (spoiled rotten, i know)
  • dinner was at the michelin recognized restaurant solbar.  really, thinking about this day of food makes me want to cry tears of joy.

day 6:

  • drove down highway 1 (in a red camaro convertible) alllll day.  calistoga – LA is quite a journey!
  • stopped in carmel for lunch – fantastic spot called dametra.  i cannot say enough great things about this place.  everything was awesome and the server (who may have been the owner?!) was so nice.  plus we got free baklava to go!
  • we saw elephant seals, big sur, and just miles and miles of gorgeous scenery
  • arrived in LA and here we are!

the next two days we’ll be spending with tim at work and me meeting and visiting with my niece.

life is so good.


2 Comments to “travel – california adventures”

  1. Beautiful shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m glad you enjoyed California.

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