travel: 24 hours in san fran

i know i attempted to give a brief recap of our trip the other day, but i want to share a bit more of what we did in our whirlwind tour of california.

starting with san francisco!

if you only have 24 hours in san francisco (we spent wednesday night and thursday day before driving to yosemite on thursday afternoon)…

  • walk around union square, chinatown (eat a late lunch!), and fisherman’s wharf.  take pictures!
  • eat a fabulous cali-style dinner on pier 3 (organic, light, healthy, WONDERFUL)
  • wake up early and take a cable car ride to lombard street
  • walk to a breakfast place (and eat!)
  • rent a bicycle-built-for-two and trek across the golden gate bridge to sausalito. eat ice cream.
  • take a ferry back to san francisco
  • check out of your hotel and head to the next destination!

yes, we managed to do all of this in 24 hours.  it was the BEST DAY EVER.


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