joys of dog ownership


ozzie has had this green blobby toy since we adopted him in march.  we inherited this gem from his previous owners.  (by gem, i’m referring to the toy.)

anyway, for the last 5 months this toy has been silent, but today it has decided to start speaking to us.  i have no idea how ozzie managed to turn this toy on, but more importantly, i don’t know how to turn this darn thing off.  it’s ranting about something or other and ozzie doesn’t seem to care at all, but it’s annoying the crap out of me.

as a side note, who the heck buys or makes talking toys for dogs?!  this is kind of making me think this isn’t a dog toy at all and that ozzie is playing with baby toys.  ugh.  even when i have kids, i’m going to ensure they do not own a single talking toy.

in other news – i had to walk ozzie in the rain tonight.  no one in chicago had an umbrella so we passed a lot of people running.  ozzie sees runners as things he should chase and bite… so you can imagine how fun this walk was.  i’m mentioning this in hopes that tim will read this entry and be reminded of what a (dog-owning) trooper i am.  you’re very welcome, babe.  at least he didn’t pee on me this time.



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