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October 31, 2012

ducky halloween!


there’s  a new puppy in the family!

(you may remember a few days ago i mentioned my mom was going to bring over her new puppy.  well, she did and monte met the rest of our four-legged friends.  it was quite the  reunion with my dog, brian’s dog, and mom’s dog!)

anyway, monte was a duck for halloween.

i don’t even need to tell you how friggen adorable he was.

October 31, 2012

travel: dance party in yosemite

one time…

me and tim had a dance party in  yosemite underneath the sequoia trees.  it was awesome.

(i get to marry this man in 2.5 weeks!)

October 30, 2012

best friends


aren’t best friends great?!

the past week or so has been hugely busy / productive…

we finalized our honeymoon plans. the wedding planning is done. we had our last meeting with our mentor couple. crossfit continues to kick my ass. i’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of best friends on the phone.  another great friend and i went out to eat. tim had his bachelor party. i recovered from a nasty cold. we watched the bears win a close game. we watched the giants win the world series.

life is busy, per usual!  but, a lot of the busy-ness has been caused by social outings and spending time with people we love.

cheers to that!

October 28, 2012


Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.

And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes.

And the changes are what you become.

Change the outcome by changing your circle.

how true.

i’m a big fan of seth godin and his blog!

October 27, 2012

weekend inspirtation


i love happy little reminders.

October 26, 2012


vacation flashback!

i loved yosemite. and waterfalls.

nature is amazingly beautiful.

October 25, 2012

goal: be a better wedding guest

ah, another day in the life of a bride to be – yet more wedding requests!  although, this was a more light-hearted one from my mother – so i’ll let it slide.

when thinking about wedding related stress… 10% has come from vendors and the other 90% has come from family/friends/guests.  (thank goodness there are only 55 of them!)

my goal is to be the least stressful guest possible for future weddings i attend!  i’ve been an awful wedding guest in years past.  really, i have been.  i didn’t even realize the full extent of how bad until i’ve had to plan my own wedding.  i know i’ll continue to fail at being the ‘perfect’ guest in the future, but i think if i use a few rules i’ll be fine:

  • don’t ask the bride anything at all.  especially if it’s a personalized question and not one that would apply to all wedding guests.
  • especially  don’t ask the bride/groom anything that’s on the wedding website just because i don’t feel like reading it
  • rsvp immediately
  • follow directions – exactly
  • if something is inconvenient/less than ideal/etc – don’t complain to the happy couple or anyone involved in the wedding.  either go to the event with a happy heart, or skip it entirely.
  • when in doubt, be overly enthusiastic
  • don’t question the way the bride/groom are doing something unless i want to do it or pay for it myself! (for instance, if the bride wants to create DIY centerpieces, don’t question her sanity unless i plan on doing it myself or paying for other decorations!) most brides are looking for solutions, not for more options.
October 24, 2012

and the sun comes out


rainy days in chicago appear to be over for at least 24 hours! (i generally love rainy days, though, it’s just nice to see the sunshine and 70 degree weather in october!)

in other happy news: we get married next month, it’s laura’s birthday, our honeymoon is almost booked, i talked to my best friend for 2 hours last night, the third ‘game of thrones’ book arrived in the mail, and i’m over the cold i’ve had since saturday.  also, my mom’s coming over tonight and bringing her new puppy with her.

happy hump day, everyone.

October 21, 2012

… another one down!

one of my best friends got MARRIED this weekend, so we went to milwaukee to help celebrate with beer and dancing and laughing and all that is wonderful.

there are some weddings that are so surrounded by love it makes you feel great to be a part of it… and this wedding was the epitome of that!

congrats to katie and adam  🙂


October 19, 2012

birthday treats!


birthdays in the office mean one thing… lots of treats and good beer during happy hour!

what a terrific way to end the week.