my poor body

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
– Jim Rohn

2nd crossfit class today.

oh goodness… i can’t fucking stand how bad my shoulders and arms and pecs and legs hurt!  i hurt worse today than i did on monday, that’s for sure!

we did 8 thrusters and 8 v-ups.
as many rounds as we could do in 8 minutes.

easy, right?  HECK NO!  i should mention (so i sound less wimpy) we did do a ton of squats and thrusters ahead of time so we could learn proper technique.  i was dying during that part of the session before the actual workout started!

i couldn’t keep track after 3 or 4!  i think i did a little over 7 rounds but i have no friggen clue… i was just so tired.

one step closer to buffness!


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