a very wise friend (oh hey, laura!) told me the other day that life is not a long checklist of things that ‘must get done’ or ‘should get done’.

this was mind blowing to me because i love checklists and lists of goals and basically anything with action items and bullet points.

… and i pretty much live my life like it IS a checklist.


well, i will say this, it has been effective so far, albeit not very relaxing.

anyway, the point is that while life is evidently not a checklist, wedding planning certainly is!

and sorry to go all ‘wedding’ on this blog lately, but it’s coming at me fast and it’s taking up more time than usual!  anyway, today i am a very happy woman because we accomplished big things for the wedding… and there isn’t much left to actually do before the big day.  although, i’m sure something or other will come up!

today we picked up the rings and it’s going to take all my will-power not to wear my wedding band right-this-very-second.  not to be especially shallow, but i really, really love diamonds.


One Comment to “checklist”

  1. Awe! Glad to leave you with some words of (Type B) wisdom.

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