goal: be a better wedding guest

ah, another day in the life of a bride to be – yet more wedding requests!  although, this was a more light-hearted one from my mother – so i’ll let it slide.

when thinking about wedding related stress… 10% has come from vendors and the other 90% has come from family/friends/guests.  (thank goodness there are only 55 of them!)

my goal is to be the least stressful guest possible for future weddings i attend!  i’ve been an awful wedding guest in years past.  really, i have been.  i didn’t even realize the full extent of how bad until i’ve had to plan my own wedding.  i know i’ll continue to fail at being the ‘perfect’ guest in the future, but i think if i use a few rules i’ll be fine:

  • don’t ask the bride anything at all.  especially if it’s a personalized question and not one that would apply to all wedding guests.
  • especially  don’t ask the bride/groom anything that’s on the wedding website just because i don’t feel like reading it
  • rsvp immediately
  • follow directions – exactly
  • if something is inconvenient/less than ideal/etc – don’t complain to the happy couple or anyone involved in the wedding.  either go to the event with a happy heart, or skip it entirely.
  • when in doubt, be overly enthusiastic
  • don’t question the way the bride/groom are doing something unless i want to do it or pay for it myself! (for instance, if the bride wants to create DIY centerpieces, don’t question her sanity unless i plan on doing it myself or paying for other decorations!) most brides are looking for solutions, not for more options.

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