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November 25, 2012

feeling domestic

i feel very ‘wife-ish’ today.  well, i at least feel more domestic, which i associate with wife behavior.

i spent the day: going to crossfit class, baking, cleaning (minimally), writing thank you notes (yay wedding presents!) , catching up on reading blogs… and i even showered.

impressive, right?

*sidenote – going to crossfit after taking a few weeks off is friggen hard.  also, eating nothing but gummy bears and chocolate and chips / salsa and whothehellknowswhatelse after working out is guaranteed to make you feel like crap.  in case you were wondering*

i hope everyone is having a fantastic sunday.

November 8, 2012



some of you may know… i am obsessed with cupcakes.

and the other day there was a birthday at work and so we had cupcakes… lots of them.  i ate 3.

don’t judge me.

i’m going to start my wedding diet, soon… maybe.  i have a week or so left so i have some time  🙂

October 4, 2012

the peasantry


i highly recommend going to the peasantry (in chicago, of course!) for dinner or brunch sometime soon.

i had this amazing drink and a baby octopus gyro.

to-die-for.  s’rsly.  (but they don’t take reservations, so go at an off-time or prepare to wait!)

in other news… my brother turns 24 today!!!!!

September 21, 2012

being an adult


being an adult has its perks, and sometimes i take them for granted.

for instance, today i decided to have m&ms for breakfast.  i had some purple m&ms leftover from the bridal shower this past weekend so i brought them to work and finished off my mini-bag before 10 am.

when i was little i used to dream of being able to eat candy whenever i wanted to, and now that dream is a reality.

being a grown-up is pretty awesome.


September 5, 2012

peach cobbler cupcake

i am obsessed with anything and everything to do with peach cobbler. 

this includes a peach cobbler cupcake that i had the pleasure to eat over the weekend.



August 20, 2012

travel – california adventures

this has been a great trip so far.  we’ve taken so many pictures trying to figure out our new camera, i’m sure i will be detailing the entire trip at later dates.  you’ll probably get tired of hearing about it, but we’ll worry about that later.

to summarize:

day 1:

  • flew into SFO (san francisco)
  • checked into the clift hotel near union square
  • walked through china town (and had a quick lunch!) and little italy to fisherman’s wharf
  • met up with one of my very best friends for an OUTSTANDING dinner at the plant cafe organic.  TO DIE FOR.
  • walked back to our hotel

day 2:

  • trolley ride!
  • lombard street
  • ate clam chowder from the wharf
  • rode a ‘bicycle built for two’ across the golden gate bridge to sausalito (we took the ferry back to san fran)
  • walked back to our hotel and headed out to yosemite
  • checked into the blue butterfly inn (AMAZING b&b in el portal)

day 3:

  • had a terrific homemade breakfast
  • hiked in yosemite… we picked a ‘strenuous’ trail to the top of vernal falls.
  • drove to glacier point to take some pictures (i’m definitely not the next ansel adams!)
  • drove 30 miles away just to fill up gas… oh crazy small towns!

day 4:

  • mariposa grove (in yosemite) to see sequoia trees!  we hiked around and even had a mini-dance party
  • drove to napa (actually, calistoga) and checked into the euro spa & inn
  • ate an out-of-this-world dinner at JoLe in downtown calistoga

day 5:

  • WINE TASTING!  we got up early to have extra time to indulge.  i’ll give more details on this later… but we went to four wineries.  2 before lunch, 2 after lunch!
  • lunch was at redd and was the best food we’ve had in a LONG time.  and there were a ton of amazing restaurants on this vacation alone!  (spoiled rotten, i know)
  • dinner was at the michelin recognized restaurant solbar.  really, thinking about this day of food makes me want to cry tears of joy.

day 6:

  • drove down highway 1 (in a red camaro convertible) alllll day.  calistoga – LA is quite a journey!
  • stopped in carmel for lunch – fantastic spot called dametra.  i cannot say enough great things about this place.  everything was awesome and the server (who may have been the owner?!) was so nice.  plus we got free baklava to go!
  • we saw elephant seals, big sur, and just miles and miles of gorgeous scenery
  • arrived in LA and here we are!

the next two days we’ll be spending with tim at work and me meeting and visiting with my niece.

life is so good.

August 14, 2012



the perk of getting locked out of my apartment (darnit, a girl can’t remember her keys 100% of the time!) is the excuse to drink a strawberry frap from starbucks with whipped cream while waiting for tim to come rescue me.


August 7, 2012

cupcake atm



my world is happier because this exists.

they just opened one of these babies in chicago, but sadly it’s not very close to my office.  meaning it’s 2 miles away and there’s no way i can get there during my 3’oclock sugar breaks.

it’s basically a vending machine but with 600 cupcakes (15 different flavors!) daily.

thank you, sprinkles.  you’ve outdone yourself.

July 29, 2012

strawberries & brown sugar

have you ever had  strawberries dipped in brown sugar?

no?  what are you waiting for?!

it’s the best snack, ever.  well, besides cookies and cupcakes.  fruit will never beat chocolate.  unless the fruit is DIPPED in chocolate.  but, i digress.

these strawberries were a perfect olympic-watching treat 🙂

*as a sidenote – if you think all i’ve been doing ALL weekend is watching the olympics, you’d be right.  i LOVE the summer olympics*


July 23, 2012

salted caramel cupcake

today two of my favorite things came together.

food trucks & cupcakes.

now, obviously this is not the first time that i’ve found a food truck that sells delicious cupcakes… because it happens every week or so.  but THIS cupcake was A+ amazing.

and it’s my new favorite cupcake.

which may be (at least partly) because it’s the last one i ate.

anyway, thank you cupcakes for courage for making such a delicious treat.  i will see you the next time you’re in front of my building… (thursday)!