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November 26, 2012

moving forward

confession: for the first time in my life, i don’t want to move forward – i want to stay in the present/past!

but, time is moving whether i want it to or not.

the wedding gifts are put away, my tan is slowly fading, the pictures are sorted (although i’m still waiting for the professional ones to arrive!), the thank yous are slowly being written, the mosquito bites no longer itch, my french manicure is destroyed, and even my pedicure (my ‘something blue’) has chipped.

however, i get to relive the weekend every time a family or friend mentions something hilariously wonderful about the wedding.  ohhhh memories are such wonderful gifts.

now it’s back to work, back to the gym, back to reality…

honeymoon in 3 weeks  🙂

November 24, 2012


tim just asked me if i’ve showered since we got home from jamaica.

we got home on tuesday.

clearly i’ve been failing at impressing my new groom!

… welcome to married life, sweetheart!  😉

*sidenote* i’ve showered at least twice, so there!

November 22, 2012



this year has been filled with many blessings.

  • i passed the cpa
  • we moved into our first apartment (alone) together
  • i became a pet owner
  • i got engaged and celebrated the heck out of it
  • i changed jobs
  • i married my sweetheart
  • i vacationed with friends and family
  • 54 of my loves traveled with us to JAMAICA to celebrate our wedding!

‘thankful’ doesn’t even begin to describe the way i feel about this year!

November 21, 2012

we did it!

well…. we did it!!!!

tim and i are very officially married  as of november 17.

there will be lots of details to follow.  except, every time i promise that, i get distracted.

the problem is i’m obsessed with every single one of the THOUSANDS of photos i have and my guests are starting to share and i want to post every single one….

i’ll have to settle for one a day or so  🙂

bottom line: the wedding and entire week in jamaica was more fun than i thought it was possible to have.  having a destination wedding was by far the best decision of my life (well, maybe next to marrying tim).


November 9, 2012

best friends and best gifts

i got my last bachelorette gift!

it’s a collage of my friends who celebrated my bachelorette party with me!  while there are some very-awesome friends who did not get a picture on the collage, it makes me sooooo happy to see so many lovely faces in one spot.

time goes by so quickly… i can’t believe some of these pics were taken 5+ years ago and it seems like yesterday.

my friends are the very best.

November 7, 2012


it’s always good to be a part of history.  and, i’m not going to lie, i’m thrilled that it will still be president obama for the next four years.

November 2, 2012

wedding shower!

tim’s coworkers threw us a wedding shower at a bar.  

great friends rock my socks off.

October 25, 2012

goal: be a better wedding guest

ah, another day in the life of a bride to be – yet more wedding requests!  although, this was a more light-hearted one from my mother – so i’ll let it slide.

when thinking about wedding related stress… 10% has come from vendors and the other 90% has come from family/friends/guests.  (thank goodness there are only 55 of them!)

my goal is to be the least stressful guest possible for future weddings i attend!  i’ve been an awful wedding guest in years past.  really, i have been.  i didn’t even realize the full extent of how bad until i’ve had to plan my own wedding.  i know i’ll continue to fail at being the ‘perfect’ guest in the future, but i think if i use a few rules i’ll be fine:

  • don’t ask the bride anything at all.  especially if it’s a personalized question and not one that would apply to all wedding guests.
  • especially  don’t ask the bride/groom anything that’s on the wedding website just because i don’t feel like reading it
  • rsvp immediately
  • follow directions – exactly
  • if something is inconvenient/less than ideal/etc – don’t complain to the happy couple or anyone involved in the wedding.  either go to the event with a happy heart, or skip it entirely.
  • when in doubt, be overly enthusiastic
  • don’t question the way the bride/groom are doing something unless i want to do it or pay for it myself! (for instance, if the bride wants to create DIY centerpieces, don’t question her sanity unless i plan on doing it myself or paying for other decorations!) most brides are looking for solutions, not for more options.
October 21, 2012

… another one down!

one of my best friends got MARRIED this weekend, so we went to milwaukee to help celebrate with beer and dancing and laughing and all that is wonderful.

there are some weddings that are so surrounded by love it makes you feel great to be a part of it… and this wedding was the epitome of that!

congrats to katie and adam  🙂


October 9, 2012



a very wise friend (oh hey, laura!) told me the other day that life is not a long checklist of things that ‘must get done’ or ‘should get done’.

this was mind blowing to me because i love checklists and lists of goals and basically anything with action items and bullet points.

… and i pretty much live my life like it IS a checklist.


well, i will say this, it has been effective so far, albeit not very relaxing.

anyway, the point is that while life is evidently not a checklist, wedding planning certainly is!

and sorry to go all ‘wedding’ on this blog lately, but it’s coming at me fast and it’s taking up more time than usual!  anyway, today i am a very happy woman because we accomplished big things for the wedding… and there isn’t much left to actually do before the big day.  although, i’m sure something or other will come up!

today we picked up the rings and it’s going to take all my will-power not to wear my wedding band right-this-very-second.  not to be especially shallow, but i really, really love diamonds.