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November 24, 2012


tim just asked me if i’ve showered since we got home from jamaica.

we got home on tuesday.

clearly i’ve been failing at impressing my new groom!

… welcome to married life, sweetheart!  😉

*sidenote* i’ve showered at least twice, so there!

November 22, 2012



this year has been filled with many blessings.

  • i passed the cpa
  • we moved into our first apartment (alone) together
  • i became a pet owner
  • i got engaged and celebrated the heck out of it
  • i changed jobs
  • i married my sweetheart
  • i vacationed with friends and family
  • 54 of my loves traveled with us to JAMAICA to celebrate our wedding!

‘thankful’ doesn’t even begin to describe the way i feel about this year!

November 21, 2012

we did it!

well…. we did it!!!!

tim and i are very officially married  as of november 17.

there will be lots of details to follow.  except, every time i promise that, i get distracted.

the problem is i’m obsessed with every single one of the THOUSANDS of photos i have and my guests are starting to share and i want to post every single one….

i’ll have to settle for one a day or so  🙂

bottom line: the wedding and entire week in jamaica was more fun than i thought it was possible to have.  having a destination wedding was by far the best decision of my life (well, maybe next to marrying tim).


November 17, 2012

stop sign

today i’m marrying my best friend (which is a pretty big deal, right?!)

thank goodness for the auto-schedule option for blog posts.


in celebration of this day i’ll leave you with the following convo, so you can have a glimpse into our relationship:

Lisa: stop sign

Tim: … continues driving without slowing down…

Lisa: stop sign

Tim: …continues driving into the intersection…

Lisa: you just blew through a stop sign

Tim: …really annoyed… BABE! you can’t just keep saying random words to me when i’m driving!  how am i supposed to know what i’m supposed to do when you say ‘stop sign?!’



November 11, 2012

wedding season

we celebrated amy and dan’s wedding this weekend!

it was super-fancy and a blast, in general!

we’re so blessed to be able to participate in so many people’s special days this year  🙂


November 9, 2012

best friends and best gifts

i got my last bachelorette gift!

it’s a collage of my friends who celebrated my bachelorette party with me!  while there are some very-awesome friends who did not get a picture on the collage, it makes me sooooo happy to see so many lovely faces in one spot.

time goes by so quickly… i can’t believe some of these pics were taken 5+ years ago and it seems like yesterday.

my friends are the very best.

November 5, 2012

skype date

thank goodness for skype and great friends (near and far)!

November 2, 2012

wedding shower!

tim’s coworkers threw us a wedding shower at a bar.  

great friends rock my socks off.

November 2, 2012



tim’s grandparents are the coolest/cutest.

i’m excited to be joining this family!  🙂

October 31, 2012

travel: dance party in yosemite

one time…

me and tim had a dance party in  yosemite underneath the sequoia trees.  it was awesome.

(i get to marry this man in 2.5 weeks!)