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November 25, 2012

feeling domestic

i feel very ‘wife-ish’ today.  well, i at least feel more domestic, which i associate with wife behavior.

i spent the day: going to crossfit class, baking, cleaning (minimally), writing thank you notes (yay wedding presents!) , catching up on reading blogs… and i even showered.

impressive, right?

*sidenote – going to crossfit after taking a few weeks off is friggen hard.  also, eating nothing but gummy bears and chocolate and chips / salsa and whothehellknowswhatelse after working out is guaranteed to make you feel like crap.  in case you were wondering*

i hope everyone is having a fantastic sunday.

September 17, 2012

work from home


today is a work from home day.

i took the opportunity to paint my nails.  maybe the color is a way for me to hang onto summer a bit longer….

August 19, 2012

little things


July 18, 2012

ok, i’ll just recap the entire weekend…

it’s like whoever created this breakfast item knows me super, super well.  dark chocolate stuffed french toast?  i didn’t even bother looking at the rest of the menu.

tim and i went to kingsbury street cafe on sunday to round-up our crazy-productive weekend.

in summary…

  • we hung out with friends and had a food experience where sour foods turned super sweet and delicious
  • i chatted with my best friend on the phone for hours
  • i ran a few miles
  • i went to a great friend’s bachelorette party which involved a food tour and dinner and bars
  • tim & i ate delicious brunch
  • a quick jcrew visit resulted in us picking out our groomsmen pants for our wedding (yay!)
  • my mom came over to help me redecorate our family room (resale shops and crate & barrel saved the day!)
  • we drank margaritas and ate delicious homemade veggie enchiladas with friends.
  • we rode the motorcycle along lakeshore drive for the first time  🙂


July 17, 2012

tequila with a view

not bad for a sunday night view, right?

we ended our (really busy) weekend by drinking margaritas (and eating veggie enchiladas) with best friends.

nothing makes me happier than tequila, great conversation, and riding the motorcycle along lake shore drive. a great view doesn’t hurt the cause.

well done, weekend.  well done.


July 15, 2012

miracle frooties & game night

i will probably spend the next several days talking about my last weekend, since it was absolutely the best.

the good times started on thursday night… the sig-other and i went over to p&k’s house for ‘miracle frooties‘ night.  basically, we all ate these little candy things that make sour food taste sweet – mind blowing.

so we spent an hour or so eating lemons, limes, guiness, grapefruit, all other fruit… anything we could get our hands on… you get the idea.

we also ate piece pizza which is the best (thin crust) in chicago.  and we played games.  the women won, obviously.

perfect start to the weekend.  well, it would have been the weekend if we didn’t have to work on friday.  same thing.

July 12, 2012

magic of bookstores

is anything happier than a bookstore?!

i have two main places i find myself going on every vacation: cemeteries and bookstores.

i don’t buy souvenirs, and i don’t usually buy clothes, but i always find a book (or 3) to purchase.  i justify it by saying that i need material to read on the plane.

usually the book is very easily something i could find in chicago / on amazon – but i never buy books in chicago (the hometown).

the best bookstores are the ones that are independently run.  a used bookstore?! heaven on earth.

something about all of the stories… i just love stories

pass along any recommendations you may have  🙂

May 30, 2012

extended lunch break

a rare sight indeed, the bridge over michigan avenue was raised today to allow some boats to go under it.  i had never seen this before!

this ‘disruption’ extended my lunch break by 30 minutes or so since i couldn’t walk back to the office  🙂


May 26, 2012

why hello there, sunshine

90 degrees in may?!

yes please.

i’m so thankful that i have a deck that i can lay out on and get some sun (and vitamin d as a bonus!)  little ozzie loves being outside with us, but he kept trying to find shade.  at the moment of this pic – he thought being under my legs would be a little cooler than laying directly in the sun.

tanning isn’t as peaceful as it was when i was dog-less!

(ignore the mis-matched bikini and my general disheveled appearance, i couldn’t find a matching set.  this is what happens when i don’t go out in public)

May 18, 2012

day in the park

i didn’t work very hard today.  you see, NATO was in chicago so my office was shut down (but we were expected to work from home).  i love work from home days.

it brought me back to what life was like as a consultant!

tim and i took the opportunity to walk ozzie to the dog park and let him play around there for a bit.

then i went tanning with friends at the beach.

life is grand (especially when the weather is beyond-gorgeous in chicago in MAY!)